planningSuccessful electrical system management involves everything from comprehensive system design to competent installation, fine-tuning, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Most of all, it requires the right people. People with the experience and expertise to do the job right. People who believe in quality workmanship. The VCI team can provide everything you need to enhance the design, installation, and management of your electrical and instrumentation systems. We will accept responsibility for all aspects of your electrical project operation. or,if it makes more sense, we will handle only those tasks where you need us most. You can consider us a full-time manager of your electrical system, or call on us when special needs arise. We have personnel available to support your staff during planned shutdowns, start-ups, or unexpected outages. Whether you are upgrading, expanding, or building new facilities you can rely on Vision Contracting, Inc. to fit into your plans. working

A sound electrical system begins with a comprehensive design, and that's just what our company provides. Whether you need a full project design or plans for the lighting, controls, switching or other components of your system, we have the capability to meet the specifications of your electrical project. As industrial specialists, we accept responsibility for all aspects of our portion of the project: labor management, materials inventory and ordering, subcontractor arrangements, equipment and tools. When we manage your project, we provide you with a complete written proposal outlining rate structures, our understanding of the project, our scope materialsof work, and how we intend to manage the project. We work with you as you develop the project budget. We make sure that both of us understand the responsibilities, deadlines and financial arrangements before we start. You may either manage your own materials planning and ordering, or if you choose, we will handle the pricing, ordering, and receipt of all materials needed for the job. We'll consult with you about specifications, find the best price available, and get your approval before ordering. We'll even process everything through your purchase order system, if you desire. Our goal is to find ways to help you complete your project without compromising your company's policies or deadlines.

When you contract with us, you don't have to manage the craftsmen on the job. We do it for you. We can supply the manpower. If you prefer to emanpowernjoy the public relations benefits of providing jobs locally, we can supply management personnel to interview and hire local labor. Either way, you can rest assured that VCI will have people on the job who will perform. We handle the personnel management for all of our portions of the project from training to payroll . Our team is more than a group of highly-skilled craftsmen. we're also experienced managers who are committed to quality workmanship. We place strong emphasis on coordinating what we do with the rest of the people on the project. Before we get started, we plan our work so we get the job done efficiently without getting in each other's way. When you contract with us, you have one source upon which you can rely for accurate information. We're in constant contact with the project manager, both in writing and verbally, at every step along the way. We report to you regularly on progress, target dates, and material inventory. We understand that what we do is just one part of a much larger picture. We keep you informed so you can keep the rest of your people informed.

Compliance with mandated drug and alcohol regulations is essential in all operations the U.S. Department of Transportation has classified as safety sensitiv, and it makes good sense, in general, when you want to be assured of top quality workmanship. We have in place a formal drug and alcohol policy that meets all of the DOT requirements. All of our employees, as well as any temporary help we might hire, are subject to testing under the policy.

One of the keys to the long-term successful operation of a complex system is complete documentation of how the system is planned, installed, and operated. We provide complete calibration and testing documentation, including proof of test equipment accuracy. Before and after calibration data is provided in compliance with MIL-STD-45662 and ISO.9000 requirements.

Our location, right in the center of the United States, provides a tremendous advantage in working with companies all across the nation. From our home office in McAlester, Oklahoma, we are just hours from your location, no matter where it might be. Our quick response time is especially important in times of emergency, when disruption of electrical supply can result in lost productivity that can never be regained. We have the people and the location to react quickly - bringing you back on line with a minimum of lost time. Whether we're coordinating a major project or responding to an emergency situation, we'll be there when you need us.

The electrical knowledge VCI brings to a project is universal. Our expertise applies to the small rural hospital as well as to the complex industrial facility. We've been responsible for projects designed to generate electricity and to operate pipelines. Over the years, we have applied our experience for a wide array of operations. We have worked with all Pipelines and Petrochemical Plants, Food Processing Facilities,  Waste Water Treatment Plants, Grain Milling Facilities,  Manufacturing Plants, Institutional Facilities Power Generation and Distribution Facilities. Our key to effective, efficient management of your system is to work with people who give you confidence that the job will be done right. That's why your best choice is Vision Contracting, Inc. We take full responsibility for the project or for whatever portion you assign us.

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We will work as your partner throughout the entire process. And, we will deliver the very highest quality of workmanship and work ethic that is possible. When you are ready to plug into the best, call us. Put our Power to Work for You!